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2 Signs You Need To Have Your Home's Water Heater Flushed Out

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As long as your home's water heater is providing enough hot water for your and your family's needs, you may believe that everything is working properly and that it does not need any servicing. However, because of the sheer amount of water that it processes and heats up throughout its lifetime, there are times when the tank and system need to be flushed out by a professional. Below are a couple of signs that it is time for this important job to happen.

1.  Unit Makes Loud Popping Noises Whenever It Is Heating up Water

One sign that it is time to have your home's water heater flushed is when you start hearing loud popping noises coming from the unit. These sounds are most often heard when the burner is on and heating up the water in the tank. Known as kettling, these noises are caused by tiny specks of minerals in the water and along the inside of the tank. While a few pops here and there do not usually indicate an issue, when your water heater starts sounding like popcorn popping on the stove, there is a large amount of sediment present in the tank.

Eventually, this sediment will start to interrupt the flow of water through the unit. The excess minerals may also make your water taste metallic. Having a repair service check over the tank and flush it can help remedy both of these situations.

2.  Water Coming Out of Your Hot Water Tap Smells Odd

Mineral sediment is not the only thing that can start to accumulate inside your home's water heater. If the water coming out of your hot water faucets starts to take on an odd, sour odor, there may be bacteria growing inside of the tank.

Since the environment inside the heater stays warm and dark, there are certain types of bacteria that can thrive there. As the population grows, they will start to contaminate your water supply. If you suspect this may be happening, have a professional verify the cause so that the unit can be flushed and sanitized.  

If you are hearing loud popping noises coming from your water heater while it is working and/or your hot tap water smells funny, there may be sediment building up or bacteria growing inside of the unit. If you believe that either or both of these problems are present, contact a contractor near you that offers water heater repair services to have them flush out and sanitize the appliance for you. For more information, contact a company like Edelman Inc.