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AC Problems That Get Worse With Winter Weather And Should Be Fixed Now

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The AC problems that begin at the end of summer may be the last thing on your mind when the temperatures dip below freezing. The problem is that these problems can get worse as the weather outside gets colder. Your air conditioner problems need to be repaired before cold weather causes them to get worse. The following AC problems should be repaired before they get worse:

Damaged coils and refrigerant leaks

One of the worst problems that you can have with your AC is a refrigerant leak. These problems are common with the coils when the system has a problem with freezing and ice buildup. The problem with the refrigerant leaks is the system being under pressure. This causes the leaks to gradually get worse, which can be a serious problem that causes the system to not cool at all. Make sure any refrigerant leaks are repaired to avoid these problems with your air conditioner.

Ductwork problems and air leaks

The ductwork of your AC can also have problems that will only get worse over the winter months. You need to make sure to have the problems with ductwork repaired before you start using your heating system. Problems with the ducts can be at air handlers, dampers, duct lines, and vents. Repair these issues with ductwork now before they get worse and costlier to fix.

Problems with fans and electric motors

The blower, compressor, and other AC components use electric motors. Some of the systems that can fail after hot summer weather cause a lot of strain on electric motors. The electric motors' problems can also make the AC more vulnerable to damage as the weather gets colder and materials become brittle. Therefore, you will want to have problems with blowers and electric motors repaired to ensure you do not have problems with your AC next spring.

Issues with worn and failing compressors

Another area where you will want to watch for potential problems is the AC compressor. The issues with AC compressors often start out as problems with worn parts. These problems can get worse over the winter months and lead to serious issues that are costly to fix in spring. If there is a problem with your AC compressor now, you will want to have it repaired to ensure it does not get worse.

The AC repairs that you had at the end of summer are not going to go away just because it is colder outside. Call an AC repair service to fix these issues before they become worse and costly to fix next spring.