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Signs That You Need to Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Fall

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Once warm weather arrives, many people turn off their furnaces and forget all about it until fall. Unfortunately, that can be a huge mistake. Those little issues you noticed during the winter won't go away over summer, but trying to get them fixed during the fall and early winter busy season can be a challenge. Taking care of furnace maintenance issues during the summer ensures that you will be warm and cozy once the temperatures begin to plummet in a few months.

1. Odd Noises

Odd noises from a furnace are never a good sign. You need to have the furnace serviced before running it again, whether you were hearing squeals, rattles, or banging noises before you shut down the furnace. Squeals can indicate that parts require lubrication or that there is a belt requiring replacement. Rattles typically indicate an issue with the blower or the fan bearings. Banging noises can be the most alarming, as these may be a sign that the fuel isn't burning off properly so it is igniting and combusting forcefully. A full inspection will determine the cause of the noise. Fortunately, most noise issues can be repaired or alleviated with proper maintenance.

2. Poor Heating

Was your home feeling a bit cooler than it should have been towards the end of last winter? If so, then there is an issue somewhere with your furnace system. The usual culprit for poor cooling is the thermostat, which means you may need to have it replaced before next fall. Dirty burners or a clogged fuel delivery valve can also lead to poor heating, but these issues can be remedied by a general maintenance and tune-up visit. Clogs in the air filter, blower, or duct system are other issues your furnace tech will look for while tuning up the appliance.

3. Increased Usage

If your energy bills seemed much higher than normal last winter, then your furnace could be the culprit. A dirty unit or one in need of a tuneup won't run as efficiently as a furnace that has been properly maintained. Short cycling, which is when the furnace shuts down prematurely only to fire back up again a few minutes later, can also use more energy and result in increased usage and higher bills. A tuneup, along with some minor repairs, can help your furnace run much more efficiently. This keeps you warmer and saves you money.

Contact a furnace maintenance service for more help.