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Do You Worry Your Elderly Parent Who Lives Alone Has A Bad Heater? Get It Inspected And Consider New Installation Today

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If you worry that your parent's heating system will fail them soon because it isn't working properly, it's time to investigate the unit. Their furnace could be costing them too much money to run because it's outdated and inefficient, or because the unit has flaws.

You need the heating system to be examined, and this doesn't mean just the furnace. Here are the things you want to know.

The Efficiency and Function of the Furnace

Test the efficiency of the unit. Have the heating installation company check the furnace and do these different things:

  • Change the air filter
  • Clean the internal parts of the furnace
  • Examine the plumbing for leaks
  • Check the pilot for safety purposes

The efficiency of the unit will not be great if the unit is old. If the expert sees that there are many repairs needed internally, or that there are concerns that are expensive, it may be time to replace the unit entirely to get your parent a new efficient and safe model.

The Potential Duct Complications

The ducts could be causing the heating problems. There could be broken seals or separated areas causing leakage. If this is the problem then the ducts should be put back together. Total duct sealing can be important. The ducts also may need to be cleaned. This may stop 30 percent of air loss in the house.

Options for Wireless Controls

If you decide to upgrade your parent's furnace, you may want a new thermostat with wireless controls and monitoring. Even if you aren't living at the house and your parent may not use anything but the thermostat on the wall, you can receive notifications.

You can monitor the unit and it will let you know if the temperature drops uncomfortably low or high in the home. You can see if the heater went out in the night or if there are other problems.

You shouldn't have to worry about your parent going without heat if they are elderly and living on their own. If you want to invest in getting them a new furnace talk with the heating installation company to see what type of unit would be both affordable and efficient for the home.

Adding the new furnace will improve the value of the property and help your parent be more comfortable throughout the winter months when the temperatures are low. Get more than one heating system installation quote if you are worried about cost.