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3 Tips For Hiring The Right Air Conditioning Contractor

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Purchasing a new air conditioning unit for your home is a large financial investment, so it makes sense to want to work with a highly qualified air conditioning contractor you can give you advice and replace your old unit with a new one without any issues. If you live in a city or metropolitan area, there are probably many air conditioning contractors to choose from, so it can be difficult to narrow down your options and make the right hiring decision. Use the following tips to find the right air conditioning contractor to hire to replace you home's air conditioning unit:

Always Hire a Licensed Contractor

Buying a new air conditioning unit and having it installed will not be cheap. It is never in your best interest to try to save a little bit of money by hiring an unlicensed air conditioning contractor to install your new A/C unit. A licensed air conditioning contractor will have the skills and expertise to do the job right and will also carry all necessary insurance to protect you in the off chance that anything goes wrong. Before hiring a licensed A/C contractor, make sure that you call your state's registrar of contractors to ensure that his or her license is in good standing and that there are no active complaints being investigated.

Avoid Contractors Who Provide Quotes Over the Phone

While it is possible to get quotes for many things over the phone, a new air conditioning unit and installation costs are not one of them. If you contact an air conditioning contractor and he or she gives you a price quote over the phone, it is best to look for different options. A reputable contractor will want to see your current air conditioning unit, assess your duct work, and see the size of your home before recommending an air conditioning unit model and providing an accurate price quote that includes the cost of the unit and installation.

Get Multiple Quotes in Writing

When it comes to a large purchase, such as having your air conditioning unit replaced, it is always a good idea to get several price quotes before you decide who to hire. If you're getting estimates from a few different air conditioning contractors, always make sure that you get the quote in writing. Doing so will make it easier to compare your options and will also ensure that you know exactly how much your final bill will be. Click here to go to website.