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Advice And Consultations: Just Some More Services Offered By HVAC Contractors

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When you think of HVAC contractors, you think of heating and cooling systems. You may think of air ducts and ventilation, too. You may even think about maintenance and repairs of all of the above. What you might overlook or not know about are some of the other services these contractors can provide. Take a look. 


HVAC pros are more than willing to act as consultants on a larger construction job where there is some uncertainty about air conditioning and installation of such a system. They can help both the project managers and the construction contractors figure out if there is a cooling system that would work best in the building under construction. They can also advise an architect in regards to where and how to incorporate the duct work and the cooling appliances that would keep this building cool and comfortable, even in very hot work floor conditions. In the event that something is not working out as planned during a phase of construction, the HVAC pro can be called in to consult on the matter to see what possible alternative options are available to make the cooling system work when most of the construction is nearly complete and these issues have come up. 


Advice from an HVAC contractor or technician is a little different from a consultation. In the capacity of an adviser, you are asking the HVAC professional what he/she thinks of different cooling systems, what kind of cooling system would he/she recommend, and what kind of cooling system and/or appliance does he/she think would be the best option and the best fit for your home or commercial property. You may be seeking other advice about cooling systems and related appliances, in which case, the HVAC contractor or technician can also be of service to you. 

Free Services?

Consultation services most definitely are not free, and most HVAC contractors/technicians will charge by the quarter or half hour (if not by the hour) for these services. Advice may be free, but if you make an appointment with the HVAC contractor or technician to meet at the location in question and get his/her advice on something, that probably is not free either. Just answering a few easy questions over the phone may be free, but that depends on the contractor or technician. If you need either of these services, be prepared to pay unless the contractor or technician says otherwise.