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Gas Furnace Safety & Maintenance

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A gas furnace is one of the most common types that homeowners use for their central heating systems. Although a gas furnace is reliable for producing heat, it is also very risky to have in your house if not properly taken care of. For instance, if the gas line falls into bad shape, it must be repaired in a timely manner so a large amount of it won't get into the air. A gas-filled has is at risk of exploding, even if you light something as simple as a match or use a lighter for cigarettes. If you are new to having a gas furnace in your house, continue reading this article for a few safety and maintenance tips.

Monitoring Carbon Monoxide Leaks

The most harmful aspect of a gas furnace is the potential for it to leak carbon monoxide into your house. Carbon monoxide leaks are not usually a big concern when a furnace is functioning as I is designed to. However, all it takes for a carbon monoxide leak to arise is for the pilot to not properly ignite. If the pilot flame ignites without complete combustion taking place, carbon monoxide can begin filling the air without your knowledge, as it is odorless and colorless. You can monitor the leaks by getting detectors installed in your house.

Keeping the Furnace Parts Clean

Due to the pilot area being an important aspect in regards to whether or not heat will be produced or not, it is important to keep it clean. The orifice should be a big concern because dirt can accumulate and prevent it from working. Basically, a flame must be able to easily come out of the orifice when your heater is on. The burner can also malfunction if a large amount of dirt accumulates on it, such as by interfering with it igniting. Hire a professional to clean the furnace parts because disassembly will likely be required, which can be a difficult task without the proper skills.

Paying for Occasional Inspections

No matter how well your gas furnace functions, it doesn't mean that there are not any problems to be concerned about. If you want the security of knowing that your furnace is in good shape, pay for professional inspections to be performed. It is very important to make sure the gas valve isn't broken, as it can cause too little or an abnormal amount of gas being released when the heater is running.

Contact a furnace repair service for more help.