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Things To Know About A Gas Furnace

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A central heating system can make getting through a cold day a lot easier to cope with while at home. Turning on the thermostat can lead to each room in the house being warm within minutes if you have a high quality system that is in good shape. The most important part of a central heating system is the furnace, as it is where heat is produced so you can stay warm. Although a furnace is useful, it can also be dangerous when there are problems present. Continue reading this article to learn about the dangers and problems of a malfunctioning gas furnace.

Carbon Monoxide Can Be Released

The most dangerous aspect of a gas furnace is the risk of carbon monoxide being released into the air. Carbon monoxide is a big concern because it is a poisonous gas that has no odor or color. Inhaling large amounts of the gas can lead to serious health problems or death. If the pilot flame doesn't complete combustion, it is when carbon monoxide is at risk of being release into the air in dangerous amounts. If you ever notice that your pilot flame is an abnormal color or different than usual, contact a technician to inspect it in case a repair is needed.

A Broken Thermocouple is Dangerous

A thermocouple is a part of the furnace that plays an important role in the pilot being able to ignite. The reason why is because the pilot might not receive any gas if the thermocouple isn't functioning properly. The thermocouple is needed because it alert the gas valve to send a flow of continuous gas to the pilot so it can remain ignited when the heater is running. Your heater will likely not produce any heat when the thermocouple is broken, as the pilot will not be able to ignite. You will need to hire a furnace repair technician to repair such a problem if it ever arises with your furnace.

The Pilot Orifice Can Get Dirty

Dirt is one of the other things that can cause problems with your gas furnace. If a substantial amount of dirt accumulates in the pilot orifice, the flame might not stay ignited long and will constantly need to be reignited. It is a good idea to get the pilot orifice cleaned by a professional every now and then to prevent too much dirt from accumulating. He or she can also remove rust in the orifice if it begins to accumulate and cause problems.