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4 Tips To Integrate Renewable And Efficient Energy Solutions Into Your AC Replacement

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If you are planning on installing a new air conditioner in your home, you may want to consider solutions like renewable energy. When replacing the AC, energy-efficient designs that use modern technology will also help to improve the HVAC system of your home. Here tips to integrate renewable and efficient energy solutions into your AC replacement project:

1. Ductless AC Systems to Replace Old Air Conditioning with Energy-Efficient Design

If you want to replace your old AC with a more efficient design, installing a ductless AC may be a great solution. Ductless AC systems are great energy-efficient solutions for small and average-sized homes. If you need to have a zoned design with more than one unit, then mini-split systems may be the best choice for your AC replacement with ductless air conditioning.

2. Using Geothermal HVAC To Help Reduce Energy Consumption of Heating and Cooling

Geothermal HVAC design is one of the oldest renewable energy solutions for replacing your AC. The geothermal exchange design is one that can be used in almost any climate for more efficient heating and air conditioning. This is a system that uses the mean temperature of the ground as a thermal exchange to provide your AC with cooling energy during the summer months and your heating with warm energy during the winter months.

3. Integrating Solar Energy into The Design of Modern HVAC Systems for Efficient Solutions

Solar energy can be integrated into the design of HVAC systems in several ways. One way to integrate solar energy into AC design is to use solar panels to power components like fans. For heating, the solar energy can come from conventional solar panels, or from thermal collectors that heat liquids and provide thermal energy to heating systems like boilers and furnaces.

4. Modern Smart, Programmable Thermostats and Zoning for More Efficient HVAC Design

Smart, programmable thermostats are a solution that you may want to consider for your AC replacement. Today, these smart thermostats use AI and built-in memory to record personal settings and preferences and adapt your settings for maximized comfort and improved energy efficiency. If you do not want to spend the money on a smart thermostat, there are simple programmable thermostats that you can program manually for improved energy efficiency.

These are some tips to help integrate renewable and efficient energy solutions into your AC replacement. If you need to have your AC replaced, contact an AC repair service and talk with them about some of these improvements.