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The Perks Of ERV Fans

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The freshness and quality of air inside your home relies on several important things. Most importantly, the ventilation process of an HVAC system can greatly contribute to your indoor air quality. That is, the HVAC system does a lot more than just heat up there and pump air into the house. Of course, opening your windows, using fans, and dusting on a regular basis will also promote air quality. But, the ventilation part of a central HVAC system make sure that the air is fresh by actually pulling stale air out of the home. This is usually done by a special ventilation fan.

Ventilation Fans

There are many different types of ventilation fans, but energy recovery ventilation (ERV) fans are the most energy efficient. ERV fans basically use save the electricity created by the spinning of the fan blades. That is, the fan doesn't actually pump air out. Instead, the air circulation is caused by a heating or cooling processes. When this air goes by the fan, it causes it to spin, pushing it further out of the house. By converting this energy to electricity, it can be stored later for other usage. For instance, the electricity can be recirculated back to the HVAC system, or even connected to the water heating system to help create hot water.

The Perks of ERVs

Having an eco-friendly system that is so interconnected will definitely help to reduce your utility bills and ensure that you are running a greener home. The quality of air in your home is not only dependent on the filtering system. The ventilation shaft ensures that air is flowing better. So, if the air flows better into the filter, then everything will be more effective. That is, you will be able to heat your home more efficiently because in order for cold air to be pumped into your home, hot air needs to leave it. Basically, there isn't space for both the hot and cold air. So, your air conditioner will push cold air into your home, while the hot air goes out to the ventilation shaft.

Then, some of the air is filtered as it is recirculated back to the air handler. Ultimately, an ERV fan will benefit your entire HVAC system and save you money in more ways than one. It is a smart upgrade that can be made to most residential systems by a furnace repair technician. That is, it is definitely possible to retrofit your existing insulation system to work with an ERV fan.