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2 Reasons To Consider Radiant Heating

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When installing a new heating system in your home, it is important to look into radiant heating due to the many benefits that it can provide. A radiant heating system requires hot water pipes or electrical panels installed under your floors or in your walls in order to heat the house. Listed below are two reasons to consider radiant heating over the other heating options available to you.

More Control

One of the best features of a radiant heating system is that it is usually installed in a way that can provide you with a high degree of control when it comes to heating your home. When radiant systems are installed, they are often installed in a way that allows you to create programmable heating zones. These heating zones can be separated however you like, such as by linking all the bedrooms together or dividing the zones up based on the levels of the house.

The benefit to this is that you can avoid wasting energy and spending a lot of money on your heating bills because you can choose to only activate a heating zone when you or your family are actually in that area. This will cut down on waste by letting you leave unoccupied areas of your home unheated during those times of the day when no one is in those areas, such as leaving the living room and kitchen unheated at night when everyone is in bed. 

Less Indoor Air Pollution

One of the biggest health hazards that you can experience in your home is a result of poor indoor air quality. In many cases, dust, allergens, and other particles can quickly build up in your home when you have a forced-air heating system. This is because the aforementioned particles will build up within your air ducts and vents then be spread throughout the entire house when the heater turns on.

Once those particles are in the air, they can begin to cause a number of unpleasant issues, such as musty or foul odors in the home. In addition, the particles in the air can make life difficult for people with asthma or allergies by triggering attacks or difficulty breathing. Even healthy individuals can begin suffering from indoor air pollution, as the dust in the air can lead to frequent illnesses and irritated eyes.

However, when you install a radiant heating system these issues are easily avoided. This is because there are no vents or ducts to harbor the buildup of dust and allergens, nor are there fans built into a radiant system that can spread those allergens through the house.

Contact a heating contractor today in order to discuss the benefits that a radiant heating system could provide for you and your family. A radiant system is a great option that provides you with more control over how your home is heated while also reducing your home's indoor air pollution. 

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