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Summer HVAC Tips: 4 Tips For Improving Indoor Humidity

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If you live by a lake or ocean, you know that humidity is synonymous with summer. As the weather heats up, moisture overtakes the dry air and infiltrates your home. A pleasant summer day can transform into a hot, humid, and miserable day in just a matter of moments.

While you might already be feeling the heat and humidity, you can still take action to reduce it. Here are four tips for reducing the humidity levels in your home:

1. Use Exhaust Fans Religiously

Exhaust fans are a great way to reduce humidity levels in your home—and the great thing is that they are located all throughout your home. In most homes, you will find exhaust fans anywhere hot water is used: the bathroom and kitchen are two popular areas, but you might find them in other locations too.

To reduce the humidity level in your home, turn those exhaust fans on to high. Use them whenever you are in those rooms, or whenever you use hot water. These fans will help keep the moist air concentrated in one spot in your home. They will also help to reduce moisture, by removing it.

2. Open Doors and Windows

Another simple way to reduce humidity levels in your home is to open doors and windows. Air circulation is key to making your home drier, so open up those doors and windows. If it's too hot to keep them open during the day, open them up at night so that you get some fresh air inside. You might also want to utilize fans, which will keep the air moving so it doesn't become stuffy and damp inside.

3. Relocate Plants

If you have indoor plants, consider relocating them during the summer months. Plants are nice, but they add to the humidity levels inside. So either get rid of them altogether, or at least move them outdoors until the summer months are over.

4. Maintain Your HVAC System

Finally, make sure you have your heating and cooling (HVAC) system maintained annually. Although it might be expensive, it is a small price to pay for comfort. So hire a professional (such as A One Heating & Air Conditioning) and have them go over your system. If you have any concerns about humidity, be sure to mention this. They can do a moisture audit and check for any problem areas, and fix them too.

The summer months might be beautiful and fun, but they can also be miserable and hot. If you are suffering from indoor humidity, use these tips and the help of a professional, to help ensure your home is cool and comfortable this summer.