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3 Advantages of Having a Standby Generator

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If you've experienced lengthy power outages during a storm, you know the value of a standby generator. But even if you haven't fallen victim to an extended outage, purchasing a standby generator is a great investment that prevents untold losses beyond just power. Take a look below at three advantages standby generators offer homeowners and why one might benefit your home.

Unforeseen Costs

Ask most people what costs they think they might incur during an extended power outage, and most of them will only consider the costs involved in staying at a hotel and eating out for a few days. In fact, there are several other unforeseen costs involved with not having a standby generator, and they can add up quickly. Most food kept in a refrigerator during a multi-day power outage will spoil, which makes for a hefty grocery tab. Also, during a power outage in the winter, the pipes in and under your home are no longer heated, meaning that expensive repairs involving frozen or burst pipes become much more likely. Finally, if your home is below grade, it is likely that your sewage is stored in a pit before being pumped out to a septic system. Because these pumps are powered by electricity, not having a standby generator can mean sewage backup and all the problems that it entails.

Easy Maintenance

Portable generators have their uses, but they also require much more regular maintenance. For example, using a portable generator means having to frequently refuel by hand, whereas an automatic standby generator runs off your existing energy supply (natural gas or otherwise), and will perform a regular system check to insure that it has enough energy to power the circuits in your home in case of an emergency power outage. Not having to regularly maintain the system means that you can rest easy knowing your home will be powered during even the worst of storms.

Increased Security

It's an unfortunate fact that in the aftermath of major storms, looting in residential areas becomes increasingly common. With so many homeowners forced to leave their homes, their valuables are left unprotected. But standby generators ensure that even in the event that you need to leave your home, your home security systems will remain online. Without power, most security systems are forced to rely on battery power that, more often than not, lasts only for a day or so. 

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