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Tips For Capitalizing On Cooling This Summer Without Taxing Your AC

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As the summer temperatures start to settle in, the heat and humidity may have you running for the refuge of your air conditioner. Unfortunately, an air conditioner alone may not be enough to combat some of the most intense heat for the summer. In addition to having your home's air conditioning system serviced once a year, there are a few other things you can do to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible despite the climbing temperatures.

Keeping Humidity at Bay

Humidity is just as important to how the weather feels as the actual temperature outside. When the temperatures start to climb, high humidity can make it feel even hotter than the thermometer claims. Humidity prevents sweat from evaporating off your skin. This evaporation is what helps to cool your body, so when perspiration can't evaporate, you feel hotter. Even your air conditioner can't completely combat this – especially if the humidity is very high. If you want to help dry things out, invest in a dehumidifier for each large room in your house. This draws the moisture from the air, reducing the overall humidity in the house.

Another tip for reducing humidity in your house is to move the plants outside. Plants release moisture into the air, contributing to your humidity problems. Also, remember to run the exhaust fan when you shower, because the shower is another moisture-adding culprit.

Optimizing Your Ceiling Fans

One of the best ways to keep the air moving in your house is using ceiling fans. Just make sure that you check the directional switch on your ceiling fans. During the summer, your fans should be turning counter-clockwise to force air down to the lower part of the room.

Taking it to the Top

Dark colors attract heat from the sun. Unfortunately, that means dark roofing material will also attract heat. If you're trying to keep your home as cool and comfortable as you can, you should consider making the switch from dark roofing materials to a cool roof with a light or white coating. These light coatings reflect the sun's rays away from the roof, cutting the heat absorption in your house.

Just because the temperatures are going up, that doesn't mean your air conditioning system needs to work overtime. With the information presented here, you can not only optimize your home's natural cooling ability, but you can make the most of the other cooling resources available to you. For more tips, you can talk with an air conditioning repair company like Atlantic Heating and Cooling