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Basement Flooded? 3 Critical Steps You Must Take In Order To Take Back Your House

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A puddle of water in the basement is usually not a big deal. However, a few inches of water can be catastrophic. Not only does standing water in the basement pose numerous health hazards, it can wreak havoc on your home, making it impossible for you to live there until you do some major work to rectify the problem. If you have a flooded basement, there are several things you must do in order to take back your house and continue living there:

Put Safety First

In a flood situation, you should always put safety first. Remove your family from the home and cut all electrical power to the house. You can do so by flipping the main circuit breaker for your house, which is located in your electrical panel. If your electrical panel is in the basement, do not mess with it. Instead, call an electrician or your electric company to turn off power to your home. You should only access your electrical panel if it is in a dry area of the home that's not affected by the water. 

Get Rid of Water

Your next step is to get rid of the water and fix any damage it has caused. If your flooded basement is caused by a backed up sewer line, you will need to have a plumber come in and snake or clean the line. In some cases, they may need to replace the line altogether. This is especially true of tree roots are involved or if the line has collapsed. If your home flooded due because of rain or another natural occurrence, you need to call in a professional flood cleanup company who can remove the water and make the home safe again. 

Get Everything Working Again

Before you can move back into your home or even turn the power back on, you must have your furnace, hot water heater and anything else located in the basement inspected. In most cases, the technicians will have to replace all components that got wet, including electrical wires, valves and electrical panels. They will also have to check for signs of rust, corrosion and water damage. 

A flooded basement is a huge headache and an even bigger safety concern. To keep you and your family safe, be sure to get out of the house immediately and cut the power. Only after the problem has been rectified and all your appliances checked out will you be able to move back into your home. 

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