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Radiant Floor Heating For Garages: 2 Things You Should Know

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As you're preparing to add a garage to your home, you may want to look into the options you have to heat this extra space. Having heat in a garage helps protect the items you store in this area, and it also makes this space more comfortable to work in all year round. One option you could consider using is radiant floor heat, and here are two things you should know about this type of heating system.

It Is Placed In The Floor

Most heating options you can choose from provide heat by forcing hot air into the space, or by using hot water to produce heat in radiators. Radiant floor heat is a specific type of radiator that pips hot water through the floor.

When a radiant floor heating system is installed, it is installed prior to pouring the concrete floor. It is made up of tubes that are spread out over the entire space, and these tubes are filled with water. When the heating system is turned on, the water heats up and circulates through these tubes.

As this happens, heat is produced, and this heat radiates upwards because heat rises. Through this type of system, your new garage will have heat that is even and sufficient, and you can control the temperature of the space with the thermostat that is installed.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems Offer Benefits

There are several key benefits of choosing radiant floor heating for a garage, including:

  • It will not take up space – If you install any other type of heating system in your garage, it will take up space. Because this system is in the floor, you will not have to use any space in your new garage for the system.
  • Radiant heat is economical – Another bonus of radiant floor heating is that it is economical and efficient. This type of heating system typically costs less to operate than other types you can choose from.
  • You won't hear it running – A third key benefit is that floor heating systems are completely quiet. You will not hear a sound coming from it, yet it will keep you as warm as you would like.
  • It doesn't need a covering – You may be wondering if you will need to put a floor in over the cement in order to use this system. The answer is no. You do not need to put a floor in over it, but you can if you would like. Any type of floor that is placed over a radiant heating system will reduce its efficiency though, so keeping your floor concrete is probably the best option you have.

You can talk to a heating and air conditioner contractor to learn more about radiant floor heating systems and other options, and you can choose the type that you feel is best for your new garage. Contact a company like Virginia Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.