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Foul Odor Coming From Your Vents? Have An HVAC Technician Find And Remove The Cause

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If you smell a foul odor when you turn on your heat for the first time for the cold winter weather, there may be a dead animal in your vents. Animals hide in vents to get away from predators, get away from cold conditions, or stay cool during hot summer days. When an animal gets stuck or is injured, they often are not able to get back out of the vents safely. This can lead to a dead animal rotting in your air vent, filling your house with the foul odor when you turn on your heat. Learn how an HVAC technician can help you out of this precarious situation in the guide that follows.

Determine the Location of the Animal

The first thing the technician will need to do is find out where the animal is located in your vents. The technician may choose to use a small camera that can be placed in the vent to look inside and see what is in there.

Remove the Animal

The technician will have the proper tools needed to be able to remove the animal fully from the vent. Special vacuums are often needed to reach animals that are deep in the vents. You do not want any part of the animal to be left in the vent or the smell that is created will still be present. The technician has the ability to get to any area of the vent within a matter of just a few minutes with the vacuum, so that all of the animal can be removed quickly and easily.

Cleaning the Vent

Once the animal has been removed from the vent, the vent will need to be cleaned. If there is any blood left on the walls of the vent, the smell will still be present. The technician will know which cleaners to use to remove the blood or other bodily fluids with ease.

Prevent Future Incidents

The technician will also be able to determine how the animal got into the vent in the first place. He or she can then block off the entrance that the animal used to ensure that no other animals are able to get into the vent again in the future.

The technician should be able to get the job done within a very short period of time so that you can avoid smelling the horrendous odor for any longer than you have to. When the animal is gone, you can safely turn back on the heat to your home without smelling anything from the vents.

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