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Bigger Is Not Better - Buy The Right Size Air Conditioner

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There are many reasons that an air conditioner might be under-performing. The unit may be malfunctioning. The size of the room may be too large or small for the amount of air conditioning provided. The local climate may play havoc with your system and cooling requirements. Ultimately, the right air conditioner for your needs may be a very different unit than you currently possess.

Many people mistakenly believe that bigger is better when it comes to air conditioners. It is believed that a larger unit would provide more cooling overall and at a faster speed. This is not true, however. Air conditioners draw heat out of a room and also remove the excess moisture from the area. A properly sized unit will keep your room or home both cool and comfortable. A unit that is too large will keep it cool, but it will lower the temperature so quickly that the moisture is not extracted properly. You will end up with a cool, humid, room. You may feel a sticky sensation and become uncomfortable.

The best way to determine the size of the air conditioner that you need is to choose one based on the square footage of the room or home that you will be cooling. You will multiply the length of the room by its width to acquire the square footage. The same can be done for the entire home when it comes to central air units. Take the square footage and multiply that by 25. The resulting number will be equal to the minimum number of BTUs that an air conditioner will need to generate in order to cool your room or home. 

A BTU is a unit of measurement that shows how much heat can be drawn from the home in a given period of time. The higher the BTUs in regard to an air conditioner, the faster it can lower the temperature in a given area.

You may want to go up slightly in size instead of relying on the minimum BTUs to cool your home. A unit that is only slightly larger than the minimum will not cause the humidity issue that a unit that is far too big will provide. Further, it will be not need to run constantly like the minimal sized unit would need to do.

You may want to increase the size of the air conditioner if it is going to be in a room where more than two people occupy it regularly, or if it is a kitchen area unit. Typically, you will need to add 600 BTUS for each additional person beyond the second occupant. Up to 4000 additional BTUs may be needed for a kitchen area. For instance, if your home will need a 5000 BTU unit for a specific room at minimum, a 6000 BTU unit would probably be a good choice. However, a 10000 BTU unit might be too much air conditioner unless it is used in the kitchen.

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